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EPC casting (Lost foam process)

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What's lost foam process. 

 Lost foam process is the process tocoated foam model with refractory coating and put into sand box, filling aroundwith dry sand and vibrate with micro vibration. Under vacuum pressure make thesand tight, then pouring under the situation without any cores. Maintain thevacuum during pouring and cooling, then get the castings after shaking out.

● How do lost foam process work. 

1.Pre-foaming:Put the polystyrene beads (ESP) beads into pre-foaming machine, topreset the  beads to the appropriate density.

2.Foaming:Put pre-foamed beads into molding machine, beads become into a whole mold after softening, expanding and packing all the gaps

3.Foam assembling:Glue several parts together to get a comflex mold with gating system.

4.Coating:Brush or dipcoat a certain thickness of the vanishing die special coating on the surface of the mold

5.After coating, dry the mold at a certain temperature and place it in a ventilated place

6.Put the mold into a special flask, add sand with the sand filter, the sand mold get enough strength under the action of vibrating table

7.Pouring: Pouring under vacuum pressure. Then keep certain time of vacuum.

8.Shakingout:Casting can be directly lifted out of the flask, casting and dry sand natural separate.

● What we can do . 

We will offer below support for the project till the production stable.

1. Basic casting technique consulting and data analysis;

2. Plant and shop layout designing and implement;

3. Equipment designing and selection;

4. Mould designing and manufacturing;

5. Foundry materials selection and using guidence;

6. Casting defects analyse and solution;

7. Workers training and operation guidence;

8. Guidence and advice on Production control and management 

9. Supply for Other necessary equipment and material

We will offer whole support for the project till the production stable.



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